About Michael



Michael Coman Modern Art is a collection of one of a kind, custom pieces specifically designed for your home, corporate setting, or public space. Originating as organic ideas drawn often from everyday observations, each piece is then digitally engineered and planned allowing for exact execution and placement. The digitally mastered piece is breathed into life as it is personally hand crafted with precision wood cutting, sanding, painting, varnishing and assembled in the artist’s Silicon Valley studio. Circles, sticks, cubes. These seemingly simple shapes and forms are at once utilitarian and dynamic evoking a sense of serendipity moving within form and structure. There’s an intelligent and intriguing interplay with these universal forms and vibrant color sense that infuses each unique piece. All pieces exhibit the artist’s love of meticulous craftsmanship balanced with whimsy and bold experimentation in colors and materials inspired by the diversity of his community and commercial graphic design experience. 


michael coman modern artist

Michael Coman is an award-winning, internationally collected modern artist. His original works are displayed in public spaces such as corporate offices as well as residential private collections. Michael's passion to make the world a more beautiful place through color, shape, and design are exhibited in every piece he creates. These unique and modern installations are meant to inspire and captivate while making a dramatic statement of color and form.

Truly unique and original modern art, custom created with imagination, precision, and craftsmanship at his Silicon Valley studio in California is then shipped and installed in corporate, residential, and public settings.

Michael's Story

I've always had a passion for art and design starting early on in my childhood years with creativity in artistic endeavors being a natural bent. I studied visual arts and earned a BA in Fine Art in college. I have spent much of my life on the corporate side as a busy Creative Director leading design teams, working on marketing and branding initiatives for prominent high-tech companies here in Silicon Valley. I even owned and ran my own marketing & design agency called Generate for 10 years.

Earlier in my career in my spare time as a bit of a creative outlet, I would create various pieces of art for myself. My home had a lot of blank walls and I would experiment with different media and techniques to create truly one of a kind art. I employed the techniques I had learned and connected with while in college. I love expressing myself through art, it's very therapeutic for me. When friends and family visited and inquired about the pieces around my home, they would ask "was it for sale?" And one by one all my pieces sold. Finally, I started creating separate commissioned pieces for others inspired by my original pieces at home. Now the power of the internet has enabled me to reach art lovers and collectors from all over the world and I feel very fortunate to share my work in homes, businesses and public spaces.

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