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C3: CUMULUS CUBE CLOUD | Modern 3D wall sculpture installation.

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You’ll never want to get your head out of the clouds when in the presence of this light, airy and inspiring 3-dimensional cube sculpture. The artist gets his inspiration from cumulus clouds which are the symbol for all clouds—fluffy, rounded and puffy brilliant white with darker dramatic dimensional tones and underlinings. The very essence of this highly customizable art installation provides idealistic, uplifting inspiration to any environment.

C3 consists of clusters of solid and lightly textured, highly polished cubes of various coordinated colors and sizes. The cubes are arranged to work together in a vertical or horizontal compositional environment, breezing its way around windows, corners or doorways if needed. It can fit anywhere you want a lot of uplifting and inspiring movement.

Designing the cloud—this carefree and open looking installation is quite technical in the way it's created. The artist digitally designs the piece to scale on computer to fit any size and shape environment. Each one of the cubes is methodically planned and formulated for correct size and positioning, and then arranged accordingly to guide the flow of the viewer’s eye as it travels through the piece. The installation also takes advantage of any negative wall space as part of its composition.

Cloud sourcing—consider letting the artist create the perfect C3 of your own, unique to you and your space. One of a kind arrangements, colors and textures can personalize the piece to specifically reflect your taste and the mood you are trying to achieve for each individual space.

Contact Michael to create your custom piece. The artist will work with you on color palette selection and display preference perfect for your space. C3 is easy to install. Detailed instructions and a to-scale blueprint is included with the shipment. Simply tape the blueprint to the correct location on the wall based on provided measurements and place each cube into its corresponding numbered position. Remove the template and enjoy your art. Or, you can arrange for on-site installation by the artist.

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modern cube art piece
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I create pieces everyday for individuals and companies as this is my full-time occupation, passion, and business. 

Your business is important to me. This is my full-time, professional career and business, every day I work on custom projects for clients just like you. I sell almost all of my art online and appreciate the faith so many clients have put in me to order and come back again. My art is very personal and every piece is conceptualized and handmade with care. 

I'm happy to provide consultation, initial sketches, explore color palettes, and discuss ideas for your very own special piece, crafted especially for you with precision and care in my Silicon Valley studio. With attention to detail, I use modern techniques and tools to create truly fine pieces that endure the test of time.

I receive the most amazing feedback from clients about my service, noting in particular the quality and creativity of their original custom art and how pleased and delighted they are with their finished piece. I look forward to creating something special just for you.



Specializing in modern and abstract sculptures, using simple shapes and vibrant colors to inspire and captivate, I work predominantly with wood, dramatic color palettes and finish with high gloss varnish for luster and lasting protection. I also have a line of digitally created abstract masterpiece prints that are available in limited editions, signed, and numbered and ready for framing.

A large portion of my business is creating custom-made pieces, large and small, for individuals and companies inspired by examples of pieces seen in the gallery of this website. These can be used as the basis for your new piece individually designed for you. I'm able to alter many of the displayed items to suit your style and taste, scale and dimensions. Just ask, I'm happy to assist.

Contact me and let’s talk about what spectacular artwork I can create for your space. Whether it’s a large-scale corporate installation or a residential project, I look forward to working with you to create an original, unique piece just for you!



I'm happy to coordinate a custom project, just ask! I work with designers, consultants and corporations on any specific site and scale. I will personally work with you to create just the right piece within your budget to make a dramatic statement for your space. All pricing on my website is considered wholesale. Personal installation can be arranged as well. Contact me for more information.



All pricing is considered wholesale for everyone. I'm happy to work with private collectors, trade professionals, architects, designers, and corporate buyers on any size project you may be considering. 



I ship to any location, even internationally. Please contact me if your shipping destination is not listed at checkout.

Shipping costs are estimates as close as possible — without overages — but any actual fees above the estimated costs will be invoiced separately. Additional invoices are only in cases when the shipping rate is still significantly higher than what was estimated. Shipping rates may also change depending on the size of the order.

Custom art takes time for inspiration, design, raw materials procurement, and production. I will coordinate an estimated delivery time based on the size of your project. You will be updated throughout the process with an email and pictures.



I've made installation as easy as possible. A graphical template map with instructions, and hardware are included with every order (if needed). I strive to make installation a snap so you can enjoy your art right away.

On-site installation is available upon request with additional service costs arranged ahead of time. I’m willing to travel to help you get the look just right.



I appreciate you sharing your experience and thoughts about my work. Please leave me a note, send pics of your artwork, and leave a review at one of my online stores such as Etsy or Houzz.

Most of my new business comes from word of mouth, I depend on gracious clients like you to share your experience with your friends and colleagues. Please share a link to this website. I'd sure appreciate it.

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FLIGHT uses 4 unique colors for the birds. Contact Michael for assistance in selecting just the right palette for your installation piece.